Amazon Payments Announcement from 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Amazon Payments created some great buzz at NTC 2009. What’s Amazon Payments and why is it relevant for nonprofits you ask? Well, Amazon Payments makes it easy for millions of Amazon customers to pay online using the information in their account. Amazon Payments had a great presence at the NTC 2009 and introduced nonprofits to its range of easy-to-integrate, cost effective and reliable payment solutions. They had two interesting sessions on how nonprofits can accelerate their fundraising initiatives by giving millions of Amazon customers an effortless way to donate.

If you missed these sessions attend this free webinar to learn how Amazon Payments can simplify online giving for your donors.
Simplify giving for millions – Amazon Payments for nonprofits
May 20, 10:00 AM-11:00 AM PDT | Register here

Amazon Payments also announced a free payment processing offer through September 30, 2009 to organizations that begin accepting Amazon Payments using Amazon Simple Pay and Checkout by Amazon on or after April 29, 2009. Additional details and terms of the offer are available at

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