A Look at bbcon 2021 for Corporations

In curating this year’s bbcon track for corporations, we felt it was important that the sessions reflected the shifts we are seeing in the corporate social responsibility landscape due to events that have occurred over the past 16+ months. bbcon gives us the chance to elevate important conversations and we are excited to share a little more about what you’ll see in our Corporations track this year.


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Our mainstage session will be presented by the innovative folks at JUST Capital. You might be familiar with JUST Capital from their annual ranking of America’s Most Just Companies. Last year, in response to the many instances of racial injustice we witnessed, JUST Capital create The Corporate Racial Equity Tracker. The following is their bbcon session description:

Last year, the murder of George Floyd sparked a national reckoning with systemic racism and an outpouring of support for communities of color as companies made commitments to Black Lives Matter. 95% of Black Americans agree that companies should promote racial equity in the workplace, but 83% said companies have more work to do. Corporate leaders need to be transparent at every step of their DEI journey, and our Corporate Racial Equity Tracker provides a clear picture of DEI disclosure across corporate America today and direction for companies looking to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

In continuing discussions around the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and CSR programming, our friends at Changing Our World will lead a session focused on “Applying a DE&I Lens to Corporate Grantmaking.” Takeaways from this session include ideas for involving employees in DEI-aligned giving, examples for how to set goals and measure progress, and understanding the barriers to advancing DEI within your corporate grantmaking programs.

Another key theme of the sessions for companies and CSR professionals this year will revolve around employee engagement. Sessions include Corporate Volunteering for a Remote-Centric Workforce, a fireside chat with our friends from Goodera and FedEx on virtual volunteering, and a look at how TriHealth modernized their annual employee giving programs by bringing them online with CSRConnect.

And last but not least, E4E Relief will guide us through a discussion on employee well-being and how employers’ support of employees during times of crisis can be a pillar of Social Responsibility and Environmental Social Governance strategies. They will also share insights from their COVID-19 Impact Research, which surveyed nearly 8,000 employees who received charitable grants.

This year’s conference will be virtual and free to attend and will run from October 13th-15th. You can find out additional details and register at bbconference.com. We hope to see you there!