Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt, FInstF, is president and chief executive officer of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), representing individuals and organizations that raise more than $100 billion in charitable contributions every year around the world for countless causes. Named president in 2011, he has worked for the nonprofit community since the early 1990s. In his role, Andrew leads the association’s professional staff based in three offices (Arlington, Va.; Toronto, Ontario and Mexico City, D.F.) and serves on the board of directors for AFP, the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy–Canada.

Andrew views nonprofits as a critical interface between the public and government and is an outspoken advocate and champion for philanthropy on Capitol Hill, in the Canadian Parliament and other legislatures around the world. He has been appointed to the IRS Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt Organisations (ACT) and has served on the Public Policy Committee of Independent Sector since 2012. He has been invited to speak in many countries about fundraising and philanthropy, working to bring charities and governments together to maximize the impact of philanthropy and help engage citizens with their communities and their world.