Chuck Hays

Chuck Hays is the director of application services at Zobrio, a software and IT services company focused on the nonprofit sector. He comes with 15 years of experience with Blackbaud’s software portfolio. As the principal consultant, Hays was an expert for both Financial Edge and Raiser’s Edge. Hays has consulted with 100s of organizations and 1000s of end users, spanning organizations of all types and sizes. At both Blackbaud and Zobrio, Hays has interfaced with a full range of end users in all different roles and departments within an organization, such as development, the finance office and the advancement offices. Hays has also worked for a non profit for several years, giving him unique added real life perspective and understanding.

Hays has experience helping organizations to convert from a variety of disparate systems to fully-utilizing modules in Raiser’s Edge. Hays also has robust experience working with many different software solutions and external systems that is commonly required in a development office.

Hays has significant experience consulting with organizations processes and recommending best practices. In fact, Hays was a speaker at the recent BBCON 2019 on the topic of Process Mapping.