Harvey McKinnon

Harvey is recognized as one of North America’s leading direct mail experts. He is the author of Hidden Gold, The Eleven Questions Every Donor Asks, Tiny Essentials of Monthly Committed Giving, and coauthor of The Power of Giving.

An award-winning copywriter, Harvey has won international acclaim for his direct mail packages and has hosted a six-part TV series on fundraising.

Harvey has two best-selling training videos and an audio CD of his popular seminar, How Today’s Rich Give (Jossey-Bass), and has written for numerous publications, including Donors, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, and Contributions. He is a columnist for Canadian Fundraiser and a contributing editor to Successful Direct Mail, Telephone and Online Fundraising.

Harvey is also a highly rated trainer and has taught fundraising to thousands of nonprofits. He has twice earned the highest rating of any speaker in the direct response and annual giving tracks at the U.S. Association of Fundraising Professionals annual convention, where he regularly speaks. He has helped groups raise hundreds of million dollars.

He is co-author of the Amazon.ca #1 best-seller, The Power of Giving (with Azim Jamal). All profits from sales go to charities.

Before founding Harvey McKinnon Associates in 1989, Harvey spent ten years with Oxfam Canada as Senior Development Officer. He was a 1998 finalist for the B.C.-based “Ethics in Action Awards”.

He has served on many Boards including the Advisory Board of the Brainerd Foundation (US), Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD), Oxfam Canada, and the Vancouver International Comedy Festival.

He knows 13,657 jokes.

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