Satonya Fair

President and CEO of PEAK Grantmaking

Satonya brings more than 25 years of experience working in philanthropy and nonprofit management. Her extensive knowledge of the funder landscape, nonprofit structures, compliance, change management, philanthropy technology, outcome measurement, and knowledge management have allowed her to navigate and support strategic efforts across many fronts. She is dedicated to helping create equity and parity between funders and nonprofits, particularly those whose work supports communities of color, children, and families. Satonya thrives when managing large-scale initiatives, helping reframe procedural norms, and aligning organizations around innovative best practices. Satonya is focused on the people who do the work and believes that prioritizing people over projects not only produces a better culture for optimum performance, but creates better continuity and sustainability in the process. There has been a thread of work focused on race, equity, and inclusion, and Satonya has led and contributed to a myriad of initiatives in this area and is part of the inaugural cohort to secure a Racial Healing certification from the Clinton School of Community Philanthropy, University of Arkansas. Satonya has a JD from the University of Cincinnati and her bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science from Miami University (Ohio). She is an avid volunteer and makes her home in Maryland.