Top 10 bbcon Sessions for Nonprofit Fundraising and Communications Professionals

Virtual bbcon 2020 is fast approaching, with thousands of nonprofit registrants, many of whom are fundraising, communications and marketing pros like yourself: ready to expand your vision with fresh ideas and actionable inspiration!

With 100 sessions to choose from, we’d like to call out our top 10 sessions for nonprofit communication, marketing and fundraising professionals.

Here are ten bbcon sessions we think you’ll love:

  1. Super Session: Resilient Nonprofits Navigating 2021 Together
    In the blink of an eye, nearly every aspect of how nonprofits deliver their missions has been uprooted and re-examined in our new virtual world. As we look toward next year, our panel of nonprofit leaders will discuss what has fundamentally changed. How can we reimagine our supporters’ engagement? Where do we need to innovate to meet our fundraising and campaign goals as resilient nonprofits? Join this dynamic panel to learn how your nonprofit peers are approaching 2021.
  1. The Changing Identity of the Social Sector
    2020 has put a spotlight on the changing ways in which individuals are engaging in cause work. From social movements like Black Lives Matter to organizational responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are more engaged than ever before. Hear how organizations are reshaping their identities as important players in social change.
  1. Embracing Digital Transformation for Marketing
    Our own Bo Crader will explore what leading nonprofits are doing to meet the expectations of their supporters and create exponential growth for their programs. This aspect of digital transformation is long overdue in the nonprofit sector, and the opportunities for creative, forward-thinking organizations are endless.
  1. Reinventing Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Program (Beyond Going Virtual)
    Join this customer panel to learn how the “reimagined peer-to-peer fundraising event” achieves fundraising success by marrying grassroots community building with smart digital marketing to create new, more engaging experiences.
  1. Fundraising During Challenging Times
    Join members of the Blackbaud Target Analytics Consulting Team for a discussion on the role of data during times of crisis and economic stagnation. Using decades of combined experience in nonprofit advancement, research, analytics, and benchmarking, the team will address insights from past events, as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic is unique.
  1. Innovators of the Social Good Startup Challenge 
    Meet the winners of the first “Social Good Startup Challenge” who help you extend your Blackbaud fundraising and marketing software in new ways to maximize giving, power video storytelling, and much more.
  1. How to Love Your Donors During the Aftermath of Covid-19
    The coronavirus pandemic has created such uncertainty in our lives that many are wondering how and when life will ever get back to normal. The Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy has not stopped collecting data since the crisis began and Prof. Shang has found that the pandemic is causing donors to feel a lack of wellbeing. Join this session to hear about the opportunities to build supporter loyalty that we have never seen before, help your donors restore their sense of wellbeing and understand what impact this may have on their well-being and their giving in the months to come.
  1. From Insight to Action: Using Analytics and Benchmarking in Fundraising Strategy
    In this session, we’ll review key fundraising metrics from a changing donor landscape and discuss the ways in which organizations of any size can use data to create actionable fundraising strategies.
  1. Hitting Your Virtual Event out of the Park with Blackbaud TeamRaiser
    In-person events have changed, but we’ve got your back. In this session, Blackbaud TeamRaiser all-stars will share pro tips on how to best use the solution to meet your evolving event needs.
  1. 2020 State of Advocacy: Building a Winning Advocacy Program
    Advocacy programs play a fundamental role at most nonprofits—especially now. Advocacy is how you show value, how you represent your people and how you fight for your mission. Yet, have you ever wondered why some organizations see more success than others? What are the key factors that can drive your advocacy program upward?
    • Christopher Masak – Advocacy for the Alzheimer’s Association
    • Kerry Donohue – National Eating Disorders
    • Will Lopez – Phone2Action


  • What Is “Normal,” Anyway? Using Long-Term Trends to Understand the Road Ahead

Now that many of our tried-and-true tactics seem to be in the distant past, we find ourselves longing for calm and a new normal. But what if our notion of “normal” never really was what it seemed? In this session, we will dive into the long-term trends that can help us better understand how philanthropy weathers change. Using data as our guide, we will uncover clues to illuminate our journey. You will hear how philanthropy performed during past economic downturns and natural disasters, providing necessary context as we shape a prosperous path forward.

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