The Race is On: Getting Your Constituents from Zero to Engaged

If you are raised in the South, it is an obligation to attend a stock car race at some point in your life. You can debate your preference, or lack there of, for the sport, but regardless the speed is amazing. Seeing cars driving inches apart at close to 200 miles per hour is mind boggling, but it’s even more so when you leave and it’s you behind the wheel, driving at 45 mph and keeping a two car lengths distance between you and everyone else on the road. How are stock car drivers able to drive so much faster? The simple answer is they are professionals with high end tools. They spend time with their cars and they know how to manage the risks. But why this dialogue about stock car racing?

Because the expectations of fundraisers are rising.

Your board, supporters, and staff expect you to drive your campaigns like a well-oiled machine; however, many fundraisers don’t have the training, information, or tools they need, which leads to more, and worse, “wrecks” than organizations would like to see. How do we solve this? How do we make the fundraising roads safer for supporters and fundraisers alike?

Andy Welkley and I tackled the question of “How should we treat our constituents in a digital world” in our recent book, The Constituent Lifecycle. We outline the importance of treating your constituents like individuals and not stopping your relationship after they give, but encouraging them to endorse your organization to their networks.

The Race is On!

How is your organization performing? Are you a well oiled team or more like the angry soccer mom weaving in and out of traffic? Let’s discuss in the comments below.