NEW: LinkedIn Company Updates

Today LinkedIn announced the availability of company page status updates. As you might suspect, this works much in the same way you would personally post a LinkedIn status update or the way you would post a Facebook company status update. It’s fairly straight-forward.

The only thing that’s even a little tricky is in the set-up. Though you may not know it, LinkedIn defaults to letting every employee be a page admin. However to activate the status update feature, you have to have designated admins.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to your company page
  2. In the top right, click Admin Tools, Edit
  3. In the Overview tab (the one it opens to), select “Designated Users Only”
  4. Add yourself
  5. Add coworkers who should also have access to admin abilities
  6. Click Publish. Ta-da! Done!

There’s two important things to note for number five. First, you can only make people you are connected with admins. This might require you to expand your LinkedIn network a little. And second, now you have to decide who in your organization should have admin abilities.

A few ideas for admins include:

  • Primary online marketing person
  • Back up online marketing person
  • HR Director
  • Executive Director