Overcoming Financial Obstacles with Financial Edge NXT for Church Offices

This past year has shifted our world in ways that we never thought possible. Despite the changes, the good news of Jesus Christ still remains the same. Every church no matter how traditional or how contemporary was forced to adapt and overcome during the pandemic. Churches have leveraged technology in amazing ways to continue sharing God’s word throughout the pandemic. From YouTube live streaming to small groups via Zoom, churches adapted and overcame problems with the help of technology.

Technology in the form of software such as Blackbaud’s Financial Edge NXT is allowing churches to be better stewards of the finances they are entrusted with than ever before. As churches change from their legacy accounting systems to cloud-deployed Financial Edge NXT they are able to overcome financial hurdles in ways that they never thought possible. Clearing hurdles such as remote staff, varied giving patterns and changing budgets has helped churches to maintain adequate cash flow while allowing them to help charities in the midst of a pandemic.

With many church staff having to work remotely, the ability to utilize Financial Edge NXT’s cloud based interface allowed admins to change and update controls and user rights from anywhere. Externally, Blackbaud’s industry leading encryption helped keep giver information secure. While internally, this allowed church leaders to protect confidentiality while maintaining a seamless flow of information in order to make informed accounting decisions.

At the outset of the pandemic many churches saw a significant dip in giving coupled with lowered overhead costs due shuttered facilities. These rapid changes necessitated a software that allowed the comparison of an unlimited number of budget scenarios down to the project level in order to plan and anticipate the future. The ability to forecast in order to avoid overspending has never been more useful for churches as it is now in these unprecedented times.

While thankfully things are beginning to look a lot more like they did pre-pandemic, the usefulness of technology is not changing. By utilizing the time and labor saving features of Financial Edge NXT, churches will be able to leverage what they have learned about the usefulness of technology in order to spread The Gospel of Jesus further, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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