Embracing New Volunteer Trends in a Virtual World


Volunteering is changing. Many volunteer opportunities went virtual because of the pandemic, and like other types of work, it may never look exactly like it did in a pre-pandemic world. So what does volunteering look like now? What resources are there for professionals in this space who want to learn more about how volunteering has changed and how to rise to those changes? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Ben Sampson of WeHero. Listen to the conversation to learn more about what WeHero does, the latest trends and changes in the volunteering space, and how to provide new and different volunteer opportunities.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • About WeHero
  • What trends and changes Ben is seeing in volunteering
  • How the global landscape is shifting
  • Volunteering as education
  • Making sure there are new and different volunteer opportunities
  • Resources for CSR professionals

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Ben Sampson



“Workers are going to come out of this really wanting agency in how and where they work, but also that ability to really connect meaningfully with people.”

“One of the big pros that we noticed is we saw people from different countries, different cultures, connecting over a common cause and volunteering.”

“Adobe does a really good job of building a portfolio of numerous different kinds of volunteer opportunities.”