The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 90: Increasing Engagement with Digital Innovation

Cheryl Contee, CEO of Do Big Things and author of the upcoming book “Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Success,” joins the podcast to talk about digital innovation and how it can be used to increase stakeholder and supporter engagement. Listen to the episode to hear Cheryl and guest host Roz Lemiuex, Director of Blackbaud Labs, discuss what innovations can be used to help increase engagement, why online influencers are powerful, and how organizations can balance efficiency with innovation.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Examples of innovative campaigns Cheryl has seen
  • The power of online influencers and micro-influencers
  • Where should organizations start with digital ads
  • Why technology is a helpful tool but not necessarily a solution
  • How organizations are making space to take risks and innovate while remaining efficient
  • New technology and tactics emerging in 2019
  • What has surprised Cheryl while working on campaigns over the past year

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Video interview: Cheryl talks about how Leveraging Video Content with No Budget



“New power really does rely on reaching out to the new power players, and the new power players are online influencers.”

“What people do trust are their friends, their families, and the influencers who matter to them, particularly micro-influencers.”

“This is a time now when organizations need to be follower-led.”