The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 119: Leading for Innovation

Innovation is a big buzzword today, but what does it actually mean for social good organizations to innovate? And how can leaders create an atmosphere that allows for innovation?

Today’s episode, recorded at bbcon 2019 in Nashville features Kyla Shawyer of DSIL, an agency that works with organizations to innovate through systems changes and human-centered design. Listen in to hear Kyla talk with host Steve MacLaughlin about how the working environment has changed for leaders, what liberating structures means and why it’s important, and how to take more risks to achieve innovation.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How the working environment has changed in terms of what’s expected from leaders
  • Engagement in established vs new organizations
  • Statistics on worker engagement
  • Liberating structures
  • How to take risks in risk-averse environments
  • Fear of failure in leadership
  • The power of hierarchy
  • The role of feedback

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“I think leadership is about creating an environment where people can flourish.”

“About 16% of full-time employees are actively disengaged in what they do.”

“Innovations can sometimes be as much about stopping doing something as starting it.”