The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 124: Making Pro-Bono Volunteering Work for Your Organization

Pro-bono volunteering can be a strategic resource for social change, benefitting companies, social good organizations and individuals. But what makes pro-bono relationships work for all partners, and how can your company or social good organization set up a pro bono program that has an impact?

In today’s episode, recorded live at bbcon 2019, we explore the construct of successful pro-bono partnerships. Danielle Holly, CEO of Common Impact, joined host Rachel Hutchisson to talk about how organizations can make pro-bono volunteering work. Listen in to hear Danielle’s insights on the benefits of pro-bono, what organizations need to be thinking about when shaping a pro-bono program, and how to measure the success of a pro-bono partnership from both sides of the partnership.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How pro-bono can be a strategic resource for social change
  • Shaping pro-bono partnerships
  • Pro-bono volunteer tools for nonprofits
  • The benefits of pro-bono for companies and employees
  • Finding the right connections between companies and nonprofits
  • Why it’s important to avoid pro-bono partnerships that are poor fits
  • How to lay the groundwork at the beginning of a successful engagement
  • How to measure success on both sides
  • Examples of companies that successfully plan pro-bono projects

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Danielle Holly
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Capacity Commons


“At its core, skills-based is about translating any talent, expertise, superpower, whether that’s carpentry or painting or marketing, to a need that a social change organization has.”

“There are very few skillsets, very few projects that don’t translate between sectors.”

“As a company, ensuring that you are committed to an honest, trusted partnership is something that we always say you need to come out of the gate with.”