The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 127: Hiring for Culture

Culture is an important factor for organizations in having a healthy and high performing workplace. The right culture doesn’t just make the workplace more fun – having a cohesive workplace culture can save a company money and make them more effective in their goals in the long term. So, how can organizations more effectively hire people aligned with their culture?

Today’s episode, recorded live at bbcon 2019, discusses just that. Tune in to hear William Vanderbloemen, CEO of The Vanderbloemen Group, talk with host Rachel Hutchisson about how to first determine your organization’s culture, and then how to strategically hire people that fit that culture. William also discusses how to make sure that hiring for culture still brings diversity to the workplace.


Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The factors that go into determining an organization’s culture
  • Questions that organizations can ask themselves to determine their values
  • How organizations can understand if they have a good organizational culture
  • How creating a cohesive culture helps organizations save money in the long run
  • What to do when a new hire doesn’t fit the culture
  • How to make sure you bring diversity in when looking for culture fit

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Wlliam Vanderbloemen

The Vanderbloemen Group

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“By definition, cause-driven organizations should have an easy time hiring because you’re looking for people that are aligned with your cause.”

“If your vision at your company is what you’re trying to accomplish, then your culture is how you as a team behave while you’re trying to accomplish this vision.”

“I think you’re going to see smart organizations in the future are going to focus on culture, not because it’s the hip thing to do, but because if you can get your culture fit right, you have a chance of keeping your employees a little bit longer.”