The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 128: Building a Sustainer Giving Program

Sustainer giving programs provide donors an easy, automatic way to donate while also giving organizations a reliable source of income. In fact, research by the Blackbaud Institute revealed that sustained givers can increase giving to an organization by as much as 300% over two years. So, how can your organization take advantage?

Today’s episode, recorded live at bbcon 2019, is all about how to build and grow a successful sustainer giving program. Kristin Jackson and Bethany Taylor from Boise State Public Radio’s membership team sat down with guest host Christine Newman to talk about the success they’ve had building and expanding their sustainer giving program. Listen in to hear the keys to their success and get insights on how other organizations can do the same.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Boise State Public Radio started a sustainer giving program
  • Experimenting with a sustainer giving program to increase success
  • Challenges that Boise State Public Radio faced in growing the sustainer program
  • Finding the right messaging to attract sustaining donors
  • Is it worth branding a sustainer program?
  • How gifts and matching funds can attract more sustainers
  • Strategies to increase sustainer donor levels
  • The importance of “thank you” in keeping sustaining donors

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Kristin Jackson
Bethany Taylor
Sustainers in Focus – research reports from the Blackbaud Institute


“I just felt like – clearly it could grow to more than that.”

“That’s the biggest thing – is just get comfortable asking.”

“If you’re in the middle of a campaign, your sustainers want to help. They don’t want to feel left out of your campaign.”