The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 132: Creating an Email Welcome Series

So you’ve gotten that first donation, now how can you retain that donor? A welcome series is what should be next. An email welcome series is different from a thank-you email, a newsletter, or other types of ordinary supporter email communications. Getting the email welcome series right can take effort, and it may be more important than you think.

In today’s interview with sgENGAGE Podcast veteran and Blackbaud University instructional designer Jocelyn Wright, you’ll learn more about why a welcome series is important, why they are valuable even in an email overload world, and what the best practices are for developing an email welcome series.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • What a welcome series is
  • Why you should send a welcome series
  • Statistics about how supporters interact with welcome series
  • The recommended cadence for sending welcome emails
  • Whether different types of supporters need different welcome emails
  • Best practices for developing welcome emails
  • The type of information to include in a welcome series

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Jocelyn Wright
Blackbaud University Organizational Best Practices Curriculum
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“It’s actually a great way to get information in front of supporters in a format that’s more likely to be clicked on and more likely to be opened and interacted with.”

“This isn’t something where they’re getting a message from you every single day for 3 days and then you’re done.”

“Another thing to keep in mind with welcome series is they’re a great opportunity for experimentation, and you really should be testing different things out and seeing what works.”