The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 142: Tips for Virtual Volunteer Programs

In the midst of COVID-19, virtual volunteerism opportunities are more important than ever. But there have also always been people who want to engage and contribute but who can’t, for various reasons, volunteer in traditional ways. This episode is about understanding and expanding virtual volunteer programs.

Danielle Holly, CEO of Common Impact, an organization dedicated to skills-based volunteerism, joins the Podcast to share her insights and expertise on how nonprofits and corporations can better work together on virtual volunteer programs. Listen in to hear her talk with Blackbaud’s Rachel Hutchisson on different models for virtual volunteering, how companies can encourage employees to give back in this way, and what nonprofits can do to create more virtual volunteer opportunities.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The types of virtual volunteer activities that are available
  • How companies can set employees up for success with virtual volunteer opportunities
  • How to get to know your nonprofit partner quickly in a virtual environment
  • What nonprofits and social good organizations can do to create more virtual volunteer opportunities
  • Standout examples of virtual volunteer programs

Listen Now:


Common Impact’s Catalog of Virtual Volunteer Models
Going Virtual – An Alternative Volunteer Event Guide


“Pro bono and skills-based volunteerism, for the most part, translates very easily into a virtual environment.”

“The encouragement and the modeling of volunteering from mid-level management and from senior management is incredibly important.”

“There are very few projects, initiatives, and challenges that nonprofit leaders face that can’t be supported by service. That can’t be supported by pro bono talent.”