The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 148: Planning a Successful Giving Day

Giving days are an increasingly important fundraising tool for social good organizations. And while #GivingTuesday may be the most well-known event, there are a variety of ways to hold a giving day, from organization-specific to regional to national or international, each with their own benefits.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Amanda Baldwin, Sr. Principal Solutions Engineer at Blackbaud, about how to plan a successful giving day for your organization. Listen in to hear what Amanda has to say about the importance of giving days as a fundraising strategy, the benefits of organizations holding their own giving days, and technologies that organizations should consider for giving day success.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Why giving days are such an important fundraising strategy
  • Whether organizations with small budgets and staffs can have successful giving days
  • The benefits of organizations holding their own giving days vs. participating in regional, local, or international giving days
  • Key steps that organizations need to keep in mind when organizing giving days
  • The importance of setting and communicating tangible fundraising goals
  • Technologies that organizations should consider when planning giving days

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Amanda Baldwin

Webinar: How to Hold a Successful Giving Day for Your Nonprofit

Free Giving Day Toolkit

Creating a Giving Tuesday Strategy That’s ‘Just Right’



“It is important to remind your audience that fundraising is how you are able to reach those outcomes.”

“You shouldn’t have to apologize for needing to fundraise in order to do all the good work you’re doing in your community and around the world.”

“I think that the more unique you can be, the more you can make yourself stand out, the more likely you won’t have to be concerned about feeling like you’re in competition for donor dollars all on one day with other organizations either in your community or around the world.”