The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 150: Livestream Fundraising 101

Livestream fundraising – you’ve probably heard the term, but do you really understand how your social good organization can leverage this popular strategy? Have you wondered how you can you use livestreaming to connect with donors and raise more funds?

Robyn Mendez, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Blackbaud, joins the podcast today to explain. Listen in to hear Robyn talk about why livestream fundraising can be an important fundraising tool, the main platforms organizations can use for livestreaming (such as Twitch and Facebook Live), and some of the ways that organizations can leverage livestreaming to reach a larger audience.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The definition of livestream fundraising
  • Why livestream fundraising can be an important fundraising tool
  • Popular livestreaming platforms and types of content appropriate for each
  • Different ideas for livestreaming content
  • Examples of standalone organizational livestreaming
  • Advice for organizations considering adopting livestreaming

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Notable Quotes:

“Generally speaking, livestreaming is becoming a mainstay of our marketing channel mix.”

“Anything that you would have a conversation with your friend about at dinner, they’re [gamers] doing that. They’re just hanging out online as opposed to hanging out physically together at a restaurant.”

“If you have a phone and an online donation form, you can absolutely use Facebook Live to do livestreaming.”