The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 153: Leadership During Times of Change


How do leaders embrace their role in the new normal today? What does it mean to lead strategically and purposefully?  The experts in today’s webinar will answer these questions.

Listen in to hear Eddie Thompson, Founder and CEO of Thompson & Associates, Mark McCampbell, Senior Vice President of Advancement Resources, and Betsy Chapin Taylor, CEO of Accordant, talk about the challenges of leadership during times of change, why purpose and values are central to good leadership, and the importance of reconsidering strategy right now to lead your organization into a successful future.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The role of leaders in today’s changing new normal
  • Why who you are is more important than what you do
  • How values lead to actions
  • Leadership strategies
  • Affirming your organization’s vision
  • Thinking about areas that need to be pruned or changed going forward
  • The importance of connecting meaningfully
  • Considering strategic decisions
  • Holding board members accountable
  • Using board members as fundraisers
  • Thinking about how to go after major gifts in the future

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Eddie Thompson

Mark McCampbell

Betsy Chapin Taylor

WEBINAR: Leadership During Times of Change

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“When you’re authentic, you’re being yourself, and you’re leading from who you are, that’s really the place to be.” –Mark McCampbell

“I think that we are unfortunately entering a period in our hospitals of austerity.” –Betsy Chapin Taylor

“I want to encourage you to reconsider having perpetual naming rights.” –Eddie Thompson