The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 155: How Branding has Changed in the Nonprofit Sector


What does branding mean for nonprofit organizations, and how has it evolved to now require a comprehensive digital strategy?

Joining the podcast today is Farra Trompeter, chief growth officer of Big Duck and the co-author of an article about branding in the Blackbaud Institute’s new 2020 npEXPERTS eBook. Listen in to hear Farra talk to Steve MacLaughlin about the evolution of the marketing and branding tools that nonprofits need to think about using, understanding your why and who your why is for, and the importance of staff in upholding brand image.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How nonprofit branding has evolved over the past seven years since Farra’s article in the original npEXPERTS book.
  • How the ways that nonprofits use communications and digital marketing tools has changed
  • Knowing why you’re using the tools the way that you are
  • Understanding the why for your organization
  • The intersection between branding and culture
  • The importance of staff members upholding the brand image
  • Combining speed and accuracy in communications to build trust and engagement
  • How outreach and communication has shifted over the last few months
  • How it helps to get feedback

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Listen Now:

Farra Trompeter

npEXPERTS 2020 – published by the Blackbaud Institute



“Thinking about your audiences and goals as it connects to your mission I think has been around for a while, and it’s still the right way to go about deciding what approach you should take, and then related to that approach, what tools you should use.”

“The staff are the people who are representing the organization day in and day out, and if my experience with that staff person is not one that in some way reinforces what I’m hoping for, then again that organization is not going to be able to uphold that desired perception.”

“What I hope to see is that momentum continue through the summer into the fall. I hope it’s not just a moment.”