The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 157: Digging into the Corporate Social Mind


Today’s episode features Derrick Feldmann, a speaker, researcher, and author of a new book, The Corporate Social Mind, which introduces a new cultural and strategic approach to social issue engagement by companies. Listen in to hear Derrick talk to Rachel Hutchisson about what prompted him to write his latest book, what surprises Derrick discovered in his own research, and what his golden principles are and how they can help the social good community.


Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Derrick’s background with the Ad Council and Influence SG
  • What prompted Derrick to write his new book
  • The most important points that Derrick hopes people will take away from his new book
  • Derrick’s guidance for companies looking to be socially engaged
  • Major findings from Derrick’s recent research
  • What surprised Derrick in his study
  • Derrick’s golden principles
  • Where listeners can go to learn more

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Listen Now:


Derrick Feldmann

The Corporate Social Mind

Cause and Social Influence



“I’ve always let the research guide what I not only focus on, but also where my interests have really come out to play.”

“One of the core things we do throughout the book is talk about these eight traits.”

“As companies, you don’t have to be the leading voice, you don’t have to be the hero in all of this, but you do have to be a contributing voice.”