The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 159: Building Your Personal Brand


What is your personal brand, that is, how would others talk about you when you aren’t in the room? Whether you are looking for a new role or just want to be more effective in your current role, personal branding is important. But how is it possible to improve your personal brand and professional network when many people are still working remotely?

Today’s guest, Marcos Salazar, founder and CEO of Be Social Change, joins the podcast today to talk about what a personal brand is and why it’s important. Listen in to learn specific steps to take right now for building your personal brand and network during this time.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Marcos’ background as a social entrepreneur and why he started Be Social Change
  • The definition of a personal brand
  • The importance of building your personal brand no matter what your career aspirations are
  • Actionable strategies for building your personal brand
  • Tips on how to navigate networking in a virtual world
  • Where listeners can learn more about networking and branding strategies

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Marcos Salazar

Be Social Change Webinars



“Human beings aren’t static entities; we’re always growing and changing and having new experiences.”

“The way I think about your personal brand is it’s how you’re perceived by others.”

“Personal branding and networking are tied together, and these are the two most important things that you should be focusing on your career.”