The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 169: Everything We Know About Fundraising is (Mostly) Wrong


What if everything that we know about fundraising is mostly wrong? Is your organization focusing on the right data-based fundraising strategies?

Joining the podcast to discuss this topic with host Steve MacLaughlin is Joe Waters, founder and CEO of Selfish Giving. Listen in to hear Joe and Steve talk about why individual giving matters so much, what’s changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and thinking about fundraising as a cycle vs. a funnel.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Where most nonprofit revenue is concentrated
  • A breakdown of nonprofit revenue sources
  • The importance of individual giving
  • Leveraging corporate partnerships
  • The increasing role of online giving for social good organizations
  • Changes and shifts due to COVID-19
  • Fundraising as a cycle vs a funnel
  • The importance of the second gift
  • Creating a realistic plan

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Joe Waters

Business for Impact at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Blog Post: The End of the Beginning of Online Giving



“If you had to choose between getting money from the company checkbook or going after the consumer, the employee, and engaging them, you’re much better off with the latter.”

“I actually make a recommendation of sixteen different business that people should engage with during normal times, and right now there’s only two that are extremely viable: supermarkets and convenience stores.”

“In a lot of instances, corporate partnerships don’t so much create success as they do reflect it.”