Building a Network


Relationships are everything. While networking may be a buzzword, intentionally building a community and making deep and meaningful connections can have vast positive professional impacts. But how do you get started?

Today’s guest has answers. Susan McPherson, founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies and author of the new book The Lost Art of Connecting, joins the podcast to talk about how she became such a prolific networker, the differences between networking and connecting, and the steps to take to build a network of meaningful connections.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Susan became such a prolific networker
  • The differences between networking and meaningful connections
  • The key to building a successful network of connections
  • Following the gather-ask-do method of building meaningful business connections
  • Work that people need to do themselves before they can build deep connections
  • How building deep connections can help an organization or company grow
  • Where to learn more

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Susan McPherson

The Lost Art of Connecting


“For introverts and shy people, meaningfully connecting is actually a little more tolerable and palatable and doable.”

“If we lead with how we can be helpful to others, the help will come back.”

“Every single one of us has secret sauces.”