The ENGAGE Podcast Episode 197: Protecting Patient Information—A Candid Conversation on Healthcare Compliance


Protecting patient information is critical. But it is a delicate balance between minimizing a healthcare organization’s risk and enabling development staff to raise mission-critical funds.

In this episode Marti Arvin, Executive Advisor at CynergisTek, joins Blackbaud’s Liza Turcotte for a candid discussion on working together to create this appropriate balance.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Compliance officer’s viewpoint on sharing patient data
  • Grateful patient programs
  • Creating a balance between data needed and wanted
  • Expectations for the development team related to patient information
  • Ideas for working together as a team

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this podcast is intended to be legal advice—please consult your organization’s own legal counsel.

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“The risk appetite of the organization is something that’s up to senior leadership.”

“As long as I felt my leadership had made an informed decision, I could sleep at night.”

“It’s not just HIPAA in all cases that you have to consider, so if you’ve made yourself aware of what the HIPPA regulations are, that may not be enough.”