Driving Systems Change for a Thriving Population


Systems make up the circumstances we live in, so changing the systems can change the circumstances. But how can you make systems change? And how can social good organizations that share common causes come together to make systems change?

Today’s guest is Dr. Sally Uren, CEO of Forum of the Future. In today’s episode, she’ll explain what systems change is and why it’s needed, how organizations can come together to make it happen, and how those organizations can measure their impact. Listen in to learn more about Sally, Forum of the Future, and the importance of systems change to address global challenges.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Dr. Sally Uren’s work at Forum of the Future
  • Defining systems change
  • Why systems changes are important in solving big problems
  • How organizations that share a common interest can come together
  • How to tell when progress is actually happening
  • Pitfalls in measurement
  • How an organization can measure its impact on systems change
  • Why taking a systems change lens can speed up the journey
  • How to learn more and get inspired about systems change

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Dr. Sally Uren

Forum for the Future


“The process of driving systems change is really understanding how do we reconfigure the systems we rely on.”

“Where are those areas that we can focus on that if we really improve them, we can derive multiple benefits in multiple places.”

“What we’ve really begun to understand is that no one actor in any given system can solve for the big challenges in that system on their own.”