The ENGAGE Podcast Episode 200: How Companies are Leading with Purpose

The past year or so has changed things, including how organizations reach their goals and how they think about their employees. Here to talk about some of these changes is Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas, Managing Director, Corporate Strategy & Impact, CECP. Listen in to hear what Kari has to say about what companies have learned in the past year and a half, how CECP started their journey to racial equity and inclusion, and how they’re supporting other companies along this path.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Who Kari is and what she does
  • What companies have learned from the past year and a half
  • CECP’s racial equity and inclusion journey over the last four years
  • Understanding frontline needs and employee wellbeing
  • What ESG means to different companies
  • How CEOs can stand up for what’s right
  • Studies and reports that listeners can learn more about

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“But now, broadly, everyone in a company understands that that’s part of their work – how to get close to a society, how to be responsive.”

“The employee, certainly over the years has become one of the most important stakeholders, but in 2020, it became the most important stakeholder for a company.”

“Employees are your first community. And if you didn’t know it before you should know it now.”

“Companies recognize that they have core business needs and those need to be aligned with what’s happening broadly in society thru their partnerships and solving community issues.”