Building Cultural Competency to Understand Your Donors


Inclusivity matters. Diversity makes organizations stronger and better. So how do social good organizations engage donors of color? Joining the podcast today to talk about this issue are Brenda Asare, President and CEO of The Alford Group, and JoAnn Yoshimoto, Senior Consultant at The Alford Group. Listen to today’s show to hear what they have to say about why it’s important to engage donors of color, how to build trust with donors of color, and what you need to think about to understand different types of donors.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Brenda’s background
  • JoAnn’s background
  • Why engaging donors of color is so important
  • How to build trust with donors of color
  • Understanding different donors
  • What suggests hope for the future
  • Examples of how organizations are doing it right
  • What organizations can do to get started
  • Where listeners can get more information

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Brenda B. Asare

JoAnn Yoshimoto

The Alford Group

The Mays Family Institute on Diverse Philanthropy



“When we go back and look at the genesis of what it means to be generous, people of color have been doing that all of their lives.” – Brenda Asare

“It’s not as if there’s one specific way to approach this community versus another community versus another community. Don’t use what we call a cookie-cutter approach, a one-size-fits-all.” – JoAnn Yoshimoto

“Fundraising doesn’t happen in a bubble. It happens within a culture.” – Brenda Asare

“What I really dislike seeing in the field of fundraising is the smile that you put on when you’re asking for a gift and then you turn your back and it’s over. That’s not how you create trust among diverse communities. You need to engage consistently, authentically.” – JoAnn Yoshimoto

“Nonprofits have the opportunity to create even more impact. But how can you do that when you are neglecting 30-40% of a population who have the capacity, desire, and readiness to give but you’re not asking?” – Brenda Asare