The Ever-Changing Role of Database Administrators


For years, the role of development operations teams has been perceived as a data and technology-focused position within the nonprofit world. As technology, nonprofits, and the way we fundraise has significantly changed over the last few decades, so has the role of the operations team. For organizations and leaders willing to evolve, this presents an incredible opportunity – both for the organization’s success and the individual’s advancement.

In today’s episode, Deb Taft, CEO of Lindauer and Luis Morales, senior director of information strategy at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, chat with guest host Ashley Sweeney of Blackbaud about the ways that today’s DBAs are adding value to the organization, how leaders can maximize this impact, and what operations team members should do to advance their career.

Topics Discussed in This Episode: 

  • The value operational teams offer healthcare organizations
  • How leaders in the organization play a key role in the operation team’s value
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Why DBA is an important and interesting area to work right now
  • The different types of people needed to work in the area
  • Why you need to develop communication and relationship skills
  • How to think about diversity in donor and prospect pools
  • The evolution and opportunity of the role

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Deb Taft

Luis Morales

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Ashley’s Favorite Things


“The value I see the operations team offering is collaboratively ensuring that our clients, their colleagues, have the context they need to make strategic data-driven decisions.”

“The value of the operations team is different and differently valued than it was years ago as a profound driver really of nonprofits and advancement results.”

“The operations team can create value by enriching conversations.”

“It’s about more than just filling requests and mailing lists and reports. We are the subject matter experts for the organization’s data, integrations, trends, etc.”

“I encourage my team to work as an internal consulting company with different business units in the foundation are our clients.”