Change Burnout vs. Change Management


Over the past year and several months, change has been one of the few constants you can count on. Of course, change always happens eventually, but recently, everyone has been in a period of greater amounts of change than usual – and people are beginning to get fatigued. How can you prevent change burnout in your organization? By implementing change management. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Melissa Rancour, Principal Instructional Designer at Blackbaud University about why it’s important to talk about change management, the importance of the questions that need to be asked about change and what order to ask them in, and what to do with the questions once you know them.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Why it’s important to talk about change management
  • Why you need to do some change preparation
  • How to make change less exhausting
  • The right questions to ask about change
  • Why the order of questions is important
  • What to do with the questions once you have them
  • Whether change management needs to be done with every change

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Melissa Rancour


“All those changes we’ve experienced over the last 14+ months, most of those have been quick changes with no prep. Change management means we need some prep.”

“If you go through the questions process it can help you know if that change is going to ripple into a bigger change.”

“It’s because “what” impacts “when” something can happen.”