New Rules for Corporate Purpose


What is corporate purpose? What are the current rules for corporate purpose? And why do we need to redefine them? In today’s interview with Judy Samuelson, Founder and Executive Director of the Aspen Business and Society Program, you’ll learn about her new book, The Six New Rules of Business, and why she’s been on a mission to disrupt economist Milton Friedman’s narrative about corporate purpose.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Judy’s role at The Aspen Institute
  • Judy’s campaign to disrupt Milton Friedman’s narrative about corporate purpose
  • Why Judy’s proposed new rules are necessary
  • How to start thinking about the rules
  • Companies that are leading the way
  • Advice for leaders who don’t understand yet that change is needed
  • Where listeners can find Judy

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Judy Samuelson

The Six New Rules of Business: Creating Real Value in a Changing World by Judy Samuelson

The Aspen Institute


“I like to say single objective functions, whether it’s about stock price or customers, rarely ends well.”

“In order to do very much, to last for very long, you simply have to be balancing the inputs that are critical to the health of the enterprise.”

“Sustainability is not an end game either, it’s a mindset.”

“Today the responsibility of companies is defined way outside the gate of the business.”

“To solve the most complex problems we need to bring people together, we need to bring these remarkably powerful institutions that we call business together to collaborate to go deeper into systems and change the norm.”