Business Problem to Solve? Find out the Why


Are you dealing with problems in your organizations and wondering why you can’t solve them, or why you can’t solve them in a lasting way? Listen in to this excerpt from bbcon 2021 Virtual, where Sarah Beauregard, Senior Process Engineer at Blackbaud, discusses root cause analysis.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Why some solutions to business problems don’t work
  • The kinds of business problems your organization needs to solve
  • Root cause analysis technique
  • Definition of root cause
  • Looking at the cause-and-effect chain
  • Problem solving collaboratively
  • Three steps to perform root cause analysis
    • Describe
    • Identify the Whys
    • Action
  • Who can use this method

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Sarah Beauregard

Root Cause analysis document

Solving Business Problems with Root Cause Analysis


“If we pull up the weed by the root, it won’t come back.”

“Also as a part of this step, we identify who those subject matter experts are that could help determine why this problem might be happening.”

“The real value here comes from engaging those subject matter experts on a guided conversation to get to that root cause.”