Embrace Innovation for Launching Donation Opportunities


Giving doesn’t stay static. As things change and more innovations become available, giving changes with it, and that’s true for the upcoming year too. Today, you’ll be hearing about some of the changes and giving and how social good organizations and donors are affected.

Sonia Nigam, Co-founder and CEO of Change, and Amar Shah, Co-founder and President of Change, discuss changes in online shopping, how social good organizations are adjusting to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and what’s going to happen going forward in 2022.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How the online giving landscape is changing
  • How the online shopping experience is changing
  • What is crypto is and how it’s used
  • The number of nonprofits accepting cryptocurrency
  • How many donors are interested in giving via cryptocurrency
  • What NFTs are and how it could be used in giving
  • How NFTs can become a bigger part of online strategies
  • What’s going to happen in giving in 2022
  • Advice for social good organizations
  • Convincing leaders and staffers to be willing to experiment
  • How listeners can learn more about what’s happening at Change


Sonia Nigam

Amar Shah

Change Blog


“I feel like one of the most interesting evolutions around giving today is how it’s becoming more experience-based.” –Sonia Nigam

“Social good’s really at the foundation of this ecosystem.” –Sonia Nigam

“I think one of the biggest things that’s going to continue is the increase in online giving, either via e-commerce or even via cryptocurrency.” –Amir Shah