Self-Care for Women in Leadership


Research has shown that women are more prone to burnout than men for a variety of reasons, including societal expectations and  imbalances in responsibilities across work and home. This can be further intensified for women working at nonprofits and other social good organizations, which often have higher than average rates of burnout and turnover.

Today’s guest, Stacie Barber, is an integrative life coach and the founder of Stacie Barber Lifestyle. She joined host Rachel Hutchisson in a discussion about why it’s important for women leaders, and all women, to engage in self-care practices at work and at home so they are aren’t overburdened and feel healthy and productive.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Stacie’s professional journey
  • Why women often burn out
  • What it means to practice self-care
  • How women can build support systems in the workplace
  • Why it’s important to delegate
  • Taking risks and seizing new opportunities

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