The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 89: Developing Fundraising Talent

How can fundraising professionals, especially those working for smaller organizations, improve their own fundraising skills? And what can organizations do better to attract and retain fundraising talent?

To help explore this question, Jason Lewis, author of “The War for Fundraising Talent: And How Small Shops Can Win,” joins the podcast to talk about his ideas about arms-length fundraising, creating value for donors, and how organizations can empower fundraisers in ways that set them up for success and job satisfaction.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The problems with arms-length fundraising
  • Industrial versus artisanal approaches to fundraising
  • Creating value and expecting more from donors
  • Why a passion for the cause isn’t enough when it comes to fundraising
  • Recommendations for identifying candidates who are a good fit for fundraising in the interview or recruiting process
  • How employers can reduce burnout and turnover of fundraising talent

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Jason Lewis
Lewis Fundraising
The War for Fundraising Talent: And How Small Shops Can Win


“Your local Starbucks knows how much initial volume they want to come through the door to purchase that first cup of coffee, and they’re going to spend quite a serious amount of money to get that first consumer, that first person to purchase that first cup of coffee.”

“At some point, we have to recognize that generally speaking, what we expect of them is more every time we reach out to them.”

“Passion can play out in a very harmonious way, but it can also play out in a very problematic way.”