The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 93: What You Need to Know About Persona-based Marketing

You’ve probably heard a lot about persona-based marketing. But do you really know what it is? What are personas, how do you develop them, and what do you do with them? And should your organization even be worrying about incorporating personas into its marketing efforts? (hint…probably)

Rachel Clemens, chief marketing officer of branding and digital marketing agency Mighty Citizen, joins the podcast to talk about how persona-based marketing can amplify a mission-driven organization’s marketing efforts. Listen to the episode to hear more about what function a persona serves, how organizations can identify the audiences they should create personas for, and how persona-based marketing differs from segmentation.

Bonus – you’ll also learn how your mission-driven organization can win $25,000 in free communications services from Mighty Citizen.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The definition of persona-based marketing
  • How to get started incorporating personas into your marketing efforts
  • How to identify what personas your organization should prioritize creating
  • How Mighty Citizen uses personas into its own work
  • The differences between segmentation and persona-based marketing
  • Examples of organizations running great multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Resources for learning more about persona-driven marketing

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“The purpose of them is to learn to see a person as an actual person that’s looking at your org, not as someone you’re just trying to sell to or talk to or get a donation from.”

“You’ll know you’ve interviewed enough people when you start to anticipate their responses to your questions.”

“We always say research kills opinions.”