Volunteering and Wellbeing


How much impact does volunteerism have on our wellbeing? 

Hear from Jude O’Reilley, CEO of VolunteerMatch, as he talks with Blackbaud’s social responsiblity manager Melissa Furr about how volunteerism is closely tied to personal health and wellbeing. Jude and Melissa share how you can incorporate volunteering in the workplace and acheive the feeling of being connected to something larger than oneself.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What is VolunteerMatch?
  • A longing for community
  • The four pillars of wellbeing
  • Best practices
  • Employee input
  • Physical, financial, emotional, social, and intellectual wellness
  • VolunteerMatch’s new campaign Get that Grin

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Get that Grin


Edelman Trust Barometer


“One best practice is to think beyond the volunteer day.”

“We shouldn’t underestimate employees themselves being the key motivator for other employees.”

“Most people rely on colleagues and their employer for information that they trust the most.”