Starting your ESG Reporting Journey

If you’re a social responsibility professional like me, sustainability reporting is on your mind. I literally don’t go a day without seeing something new pop into my inbox about Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). It might be a report issued by another company, a seminar on how to tackle thinking about a key material issue, or a question from a peer asking, “How do I get started?”

That’s the question of the moment, HOW to begin, not IF.

I’ve been working in social responsibility for more than 15 years, and I am excited about the forward momentum we are seeing in the world of reporting, momentum that is including all sizes and kinds of companies, not just the large enterprises. When Blackbaud began its ESG reporting journey in earnest, the resources I could find were mainly for what I call “the big guys.” Sometimes it was overwhelming just wading through all the advice. Where to begin indeed!

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While not a new concept or strategy, Environmental Social Governance programs are on the rise. Over the last couple of years, as natural disasters continued to pick up in intensity and COVID-19 brought rising income and healthcare inequalities to center stage, Corporations have increasingly been pouring more focus on their own ESG measurements and practices in conjunction with their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. ESG isn’t just for companies that produce products that contribute to environmental concerns like plastics companies or oil and gas, and it’s not just for industries that tend to be more under the public eye as a consumer-driven and B2B organization. ESG can be for everyone, no matter how small or large your workforce or what industry your company falls into.

This guide is meant to be a starting place for learning a brief history of ESG and how the concept has evolved, components of ESG, different measurement & management practices and external resources (both free and paid) that you can access to learn more.

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