So maybe it’s just because I actually brought a functioning hand-held mobile device, my trusty iPod touch, to the 2010 Convio Summit this year, but it seems to me that following the hashtag for the Convio Summit – which is #convio10 – really enhances the conference-going experience.

In case you’re not one of the Twitterati, a hashtag is a tag that adds tweets to a category.  So if you’re tweeting about the Convio Summit this year, you’ll just add #convio10 to your tweet.  It can be in the middle, the end, wherever.  Then you can follow that hashtag by saving your search for “convio10” in your tweet-reader and you’ll have a pretty much continuously-updating stream of content related to the conference.

Here’s how it’s enhanced the conference for me so far:  the tweeps who use #convio10 are posting notable gems, nuggets, and pearls of wisdom from the sessions they’re in.  So I might be in a session about donation form conversion, but also absorbing information about social listening.  It’s the closest thing to being in two places at once, at least until we perfect cloning of humans.  #joke

And here’s something cool – as of 3pm Eastern time, #convio10 was trending in the top 3 topics for the Washington DC area.  If more conference-goers start tweeting with the hashtag, maybe we can knock out ZOMBIE COUGARS from the top spot.

(I almost feel web 1.0 BLOGGING about this!)