CSR Content to Keep your Social Feeds Looking 20:20 in the New Year

As we wrap up the end of another year, and this time, I get to also include another decade, it gives my inner Marie Kondo some joy sending you off into the holidays with a little bit of spring-cleaning assignments already started.

And by spring-cleaning, I mean cleaning up those social media feeds! Why not head into the roaring tech-twenties with some great new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) content to follow, thought leaders to bounce ideas off of and publications that may just have slipped through your fingers while you were scrolling in 2019.

Whether you are looking to learn from some of the top influencers around the world in Corporate Responsibility or hoping to have new articles to read every week, we think these social media savvy philanthropists will keep your New Year’s Resolution on track.

CSR Influencers:

Chris Jarvis

Executive Director, Co-Founder of the Realized Worth Institute, Chris is widely known for his thought leadership in employee volunteering, workplace giving and corporate social responsibility. Along with serving on the board of IMPACT 2030, Chris uses his extensive knowledge of CSR to collaborate with corporations around the world to help advance employee contribution within their local communities. If you’re looking for CSR content that shares strategy, news, and success, look no further!


Rachel Hutchisson

When she’s not creating and contributing to Blackbaud’s extensive employee engagement program, Rachel is regularly hosting a social good podcast that features top corporate responsibility executives, thought leadership in employee engagement and provoking industry discussion. Trying to find an opportunity to see her live? She can also be found speaking on the latest CSR strategy at some of the biggest corporate citizenship events in the world. Follow her Twitter to see where she ends up next!

Sue Stephenson

Want to be following someone who knows a ton about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, how corporations are working to meet them and much more? Sue is your lady. As the current CEO of IMPACT 2030, Sue’s mission is to unite the private sector to advance the SDGs. By following her social media, you’ll see tangible examples of organizations incorporating the SDGs within their mission… You may even be inspired to come up with your way to advance the Goals with your company’s programs.

Corporations Making a Big Difference:

TD Bank

Claiming the hashtag, #UnexpectedlyHuman, TD Bank’s social media is just that. Though it’s an international chain, you can see the impact each bank has on its community with just a few scrolls. If you are looking for inspiration from a larger organization, this is a great addition to your CSR social feed. No two posts are the same, highlighting how employees are focused on different causes that matter most to the members of their community.

Berkshire Bank

Headed up by veteran CSR thought-leader Gary Levante, Berkshire Bank is regularly making noise in the industry for their big splashes, regardless of their not so big size. While following a bank’s social media may not sound like the kind of content CSR gurus are looking for, Berkshire’s feed is constantly updating with new engagement. Whether it’s a volunteering event or a spin on a local community grant, Berkshire Bank’s CSR will give you plenty of ideas to make your programs unique in 2020.

Best Places to Find Your News:


Just as their tag-line states, 3BLMedia delivers CSR and sustainability news from the world’s leading corporations. If you’re interested in hearing about breaking CSR news, the latest initiatives being done by Fortune 500 companies and stories of impact that not only highlight but encourage your discussion of organizations being involved in society’s biggest debates, this news outlet is the perfect follow for you.


CBSR (Canadian Business for Social Responsibility)

Whether you are looking for the latest responsible trends set by Canadian businesses or just eager to learn more about how international organizations are making a difference within their local communities, CBSR provides breaking Corporate Responsibility news to help build a sustainable future. Along with producing great articles updating CSR news around the world, CBSR is constantly developing assets, case studies, campaigns and more to nurture safe communities for all industries to harness the latest thinking in Corporate Responsibility through unmatched storytelling.

Just Some Good CSR Content!

B Corporation

B Lab assesses the overall positive impact of businesses for good. As a certified and network-creator of B Corps, B Lab works towards reducing inequality, lowering levels of poverty and so much more by harnessing the power of employees, communities and the environment. And they also put out some great content! If you’re looking for stories of impact from great corporations or powerful thought-leadership, give them a follow.

And as always, make sure you are following our new Blackbaud Twitter and LinkedIn pages! As we make our way into the new year, look to those accounts for all things YourCause + Blackbaud. We are posting new content, resources and more every day!