Happy Birthday Beth Kanter- Nonprofit Social Media Maven and Endless Source of Inspiration

Happy Birthday to a truly brilliant member of the nonprofit community – Beth Kanter!


Today, Beth turns 53 and has one birthday wish: to send 53 Cambodian children to school by raising $530 on Facebook. Check out her Cause reasons for supporting the cause here.
Beth has made a tremendous impact on my work, continuously inspiring me to do more, learn more and help others. In ode to Beth and to provide reasons on why everyone should consider giving to her birthday cause, here is my top ten list of why Beth Kanter is so wonderful – not only to me personally but to the entire nonprofit community:



  1. She cares. Beth knows how many great causes and organizations are out there in the world and is always willing to use her knowledge, connections and dedication to help a worthy cause get the attention it deserves.
  2. She listens. I mean, really listens. Beth always listens to both the people and news around her. She craves new information and is always helping those around her grow by sharing all the wonderful things she learns with us.
  3. She is willing to roll up her sleeves and do what it takes. Is there a Cause Beth believes in? Then she is going to do whatever it takes to personally ensure the work is done to raise the funds/ spread awareness/ evangelize the Cause. Even if she has to do it all herself!
  4. She is prolific. Seriously, have you read her blog? Where she finds the time, I don’t think any of us know, but her endless supply of news, insight and learnings helps all of us working in the nonprofit community do our jobs better.
  5. I don’t think she sleeps. (see #4 ) In support of always doing what it takes to stay on top of the latest news, speak at the latest conference, put together a ridiculously creative presentation or any number of other regular working tasks she performs on a regular basis.
  6. She shares. This includes: her feedback and insights, her influence to make a difference for a social cause, her time to make resources available to an entire community.
  7. She’s passionate. Anyone can be good at what they do, but few people believe in what they do more than Beth.
  8. She’s not afriad to take chances. Beth’s always willing to try something new, look at something in a different way and experiment without the fear that something may not work – yest another reason we learn so much from her work.
  9. She helps. Have you read #’s 1-8 – what more could she do?
  10. She’s a great friend. See #’s 1-9!


For all you do Beth, thank you for being a friend and a source of inspiration!