Get Ready for GivingTuesday


We are now just a little more than a month from GivingTuesday is getting closer all the time, you don’t need to stress if your organization hasn’t yet developed its plan. Today, Blackbaud’s GivingTuesday experts Matt Connell and Jackie Zimmerman join the podcast to talk about the value of GivingTuesday, how organizations can start planning now for a successful day, and the GivingTuesday campaigns have inspired them.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Why Matt and Jackie value GivingTuesday
  • What organizations should do if they don’t yet have a plan for Giving Tuesday
  • Tips and tricks for GivingTuesday
  • Content strategies for GivingTuesday
  • Examples of successful GivingTuesday campaigns
  • Resources that can help organizations with GivingTuesday

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Giving Tuesday Toolkit

Giving Tuesday Webinar Series


“While we should be giving every day of the year, let’s make sure that we especially give on this particular day of the year.” –Jackie Zimmerman

“If this, again, is your first experiment with it, you’re not the first people experimenting with it.” –Matt Connell

“Giving Tuesday is the day I make sure that my matching gift is used up for the year.” –Matt Connell