Engaging Live Streamers


This episode was originally published in September 2019. We are sharing it again now as live streaming only becomes more popular and more social good organizations want to know how to engage with content creators.

As a charitable organization, how can you leverage the popularity of live streaming to fundraise? How do you find a live streamer to pair up with? And how can you build and have a successful relationship with live streamers?

Today’s episode features Alyssa Sweetman, Director of Creator Social Impact at Twitch. Tune in to hear her talk to Roz Lemieux, director of Blackbaud Labs, about how nonprofits and other social good organizations can work with live streamers, also known as content creators, to raise money on live streaming platforms.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What is Twitch?
  • Who is a content creator?
  • How to get started with partnering with a live streamer, or content creator
  • The kind of support or assets organizations should plan to provide content creators to build relationships and aid them in fundraising
  • What makes for a good impact statement?
  • How live streamers make nonprofit content engaging for viewers
  • The most interesting fundraising live stream event Ally has seen
  • The different ways content creators raise money on Twitch

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Alyssa Sweetman
Article: How to Harness the Fundraising Power of Twitch

Questions for Alyssa? Email her: [email protected]


“If you build these relationships up, they can grow every year.”

“When we think about money, we don’t often think to instantaneously give it away. So it’s often about making an emotional connection.”

“People like to feel like they have a bit of control, power, and that they can contribute.”