The 10 Most Popular ENGAGE Articles in 2023

Hundreds of ENGAGE articles have been written by outstanding leaders and subject matter experts across the social good community in 2023. However, the most popular posts have been in the areas of fundraising best practices, major gifts, and data management! Check out the articles below to see what our community has been most interested in this year.

  1. Why Major Gifts Should Drive Your 2023 Development Plan
    by Kate Averett Anderson, Blackbaud
    Understanding the role of major donors, in tandem with an informed development plan, are the foundations of a securing major gifts in 2023.
  2. Engaging Your Donor Community: 5 School Fundraising Tips
    by Howard Gotleib, Read-a-thon
    When you prioritize creating an impactful experience for your donor community, you’ll keep donors coming back and raise more funds for your school.
  3. 10 Troubling Observations about the State of Fundraising Today
    by Leigh Brown Perkins, Blackbaud
    The resiliency of fundraising teams has been tested over the past two years. Take a look at 10 troubling observations of the state of fundraising today and how to ensure you have a strategy to counter them.
  4. 33 Perfect Exercise Captions for Instagram
    by Julian Lavelle, Blackbaud
    A single, successful social media post can drive major traffic to your exercise-for-a-cause. Here is a list of Instagram captions that keep the mood light, but show that the weights you’re lifting are not.
  5. December Stress Relief: Automation for Gift Processing
    by Jason Durocher, Blackbaud
    Fundraising requires timely and efficient processing of donations, especially in the typical end-of-year rush of gifts. Give your team a little December stress relief by automating and streamlining gift processing, including recurring donations and installment payments.  
  6. 5 Effective Annual Giving Campaign Ideas to Maximize Success
    by James Barnard, BWF
    Annual giving can help consistently fund an organization’s operations throughout the year. Read these tips to run a successful annual giving campaign.
  7. Get Your CRM System to Become the Best Version of Itself
    by Chrissy Haskell, Blackbaud
    When a team is efficiently able to use the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system, things begin to fall into place: better communication, greater engagement, and a happy community.
  8. Types of Grants That Every Nonprofit Should Know
    by Carrie Watkins, Blackbaud
    Before you start applying for grants, you’ll need to understand where the funding is coming from and the expectations from that organization.
  9. How Data Analysis Can Help Nonprofits Reach Major Donors
    by Brian Lacy, NPOInfo
    As you plan your development strategy this year, use these tips to identify promising major donor prospects and start building relationships with them.
  10. 5 Ways Fund Accounting Software Makes Nonprofit Budgeting Simple
    by Carrie Watkins, Blackbaud
    Senior Instructor for Blackbaud University Nate Hug shared five ways your fund accounting software can simplify the budgeting process for your nonprofit.

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