Why K–12 Professionals Should Attend bbcon 2023

bbcon is back in-person October 22–24 in Denver, Colorado!

This year, we are co-locating Blackbaud’s K–12 User Conference so education professionals can learn from thousands of other change-makers at the premier technology conference focused on social impact.

Our agenda is packed with actionable strategies for schools to enhance their daily operations and improve student outcomes. Here are some sessions you don’t want to miss:

Education Luminary Super Session

Data and Diversity: Building a Culture of Belonging in Education

How can technology and data advance a culture of belonging in education? How do diverse voices and experiences strengthen a community? Join our panel of experts to discuss not only how to build belonging in your processes, policies, and daily operations, but also how to communicate with one another across those differences and why doing so is imperative for your organization to thrive. Our thought leaders are:

  • Susan Baldridge, Ph.D.

Executive Director, The Association of Boarding Schools

  • Caroline Blackwell

Vice President, Equity and Justice, National Association of Independent Schools

  • John Yen

Co-Chair, Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools DEI Advisory Committee and Director of Technology, Polytechnic School

  • Michael Morrissette

PRIDE Affinity Group Leader and Product Manager, Blackbaud

Moderator: Abby Chau, Global Managing Director, Blackbaud K–12 Customer Success

K–12 Breakout Sessions at bbcon 2023

In addition to our highly anticipated luminary panel, bbcon includes breakout sessions for professionals in every K–12 school department. Here are just a few:

Putting the AI in Education

Graham Getty, St. Albans School, and Hiram Cuevas, St. Christopher’s School

In this thought-provoking session, two technology experts delve into the transformative potential and challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. While AI offers exciting opportunities for personalized learning and efficiency, it is crucial to approach these technologies responsibly. Join us as we explore the benefits of AI in tailoring content to individual student needs and enhancing engagement while critically examining concerns such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, and the human element of teaching. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain insights and foster a constructive dialogue on the role of AI in your school.

Continuous Enrollment: The Pros and Cons

Julie Katz, Donna Klein Jewish Academy, and Charlie Lytle, Blackbaud

Discover how one school transitioned to continuous enrollment and what they learned about themselves along the way. Now in its second year of embracing a continuous enrollment strategy, Donna Klein Jewish Academy has had challenges and victories throughout the process. Join us for a conversation where we will delve into the highs and lows, the role technology plays, and how/why to transition to this dynamic and evolving approach.

Case Study: Let’s Talk Tuition Management!

Andrew Gray, St. Anthony’s High School, and Jamie Lyons, Blackbaud

Join Andrew Gray, Tuition Coordinator at St. Anthony’s High School, to discover how he streamlined his school’s tuition process while enhancing the payment experience for families. Blackbaud’s Jamie Lyons will join him to share best practices and her top tips for Blackbaud Tuition Management users. You’ll leave this session with actionable steps to implement at your school to reduce tuition delinquency, increase family satisfaction, and drive positive change.

Leveraging K-12 School Technology for Admissions and Business Office Coordination

Scott Blair, Mike Hanagan, and Lashieta Rogers, Gonzaga College High School

At a time when schools are experiencing increased competition and greater expectations from their constituencies, it’s essential to focus on the work that makes a K–12 school run smoothly for both families and employees. Having coordinated Admissions and Business Offices when it comes to leveraging information systems can alleviate pain points and deliver on the high expectations of students, parents, and administrators.

Rethinking Admissions: From Checklist to Onboarding

Caitlin Barndt and Vanessa Noe, Davidson Day School

It’s time to rethink your school’s admission process and improve the experience for both your admissions team and prospective families. Discover how to maximize the power of the Admissions Checklist in the Blackbaud Enrollment Management System. Learn how to set up new student checklists and use them to onboard new families seamlessly. We will share creative ways to automate the process using forms and how to use official notes to enhance communication.

Geeking Out About APIs

Vicky Wong, University School, and Stephen Boyle, Blackbaud

“Geek Out” with an 18-year school technology veteran and a Blackbaud product manager with nearly 30 years of experience in software engineering and agile frameworks. They will explore how to unlock even more potential within your Blackbaud software through SKY API and Power Automate integrations, including recent updates and creative ideas that can make your school operations more effective and efficient.

Cybersecurity in Education

Don Rahn, Blackbaud Director of Security Operations

With a wealth of student and financial data and stakeholders across the technology spectrum, educational institutions have unique challenges when facing cybersecurity threats. Within the last year, foreign cybercriminals, school vendors, employees, and even students have perpetrated cyberattacks. Join Don Rahn, Blackbaud’s Director of Security Operations, for information and best practices to keep cybersecurity at the forefront of your school operations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your K–12 peers and reenergize your school’s culture, technology, and practices. Register for bbcon now!

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!