Do you need help managing your event committees?

If you answered yes, then you must join us next Wednesday for: Five Questions on Managing Event Committees with Blackbaud Friends Asking Friends. Ian Gruber, Blackbaud and Jodie Kolkowski, American Heart Association will answer your questions on using the Event Committee Dashboard in Blackbaud Friends Asking Friends.

Are you asking yourself what is the Event Committee Dashboard?  Then wondering, how does it work?  Maybe your asking, can this really help me manage my committees?  These are all great questions are two expert hosts, will answer these and maybe a few more.  Shape the webinar content and tweet me @abraiterman or @blackbaud or post your questions on Facebook. We’ll select the five most frequently asked questions for this fun and informative session.

Ask away!  This is your chance to take the drivers seat in one of our webinars.  If you can’t tell already, I love questions.  I think they’re a great way to learn and get the conversation started.

If you don’t have a question for Ian and Jodie, our Dashboard gurus, maybe you’ll have one for me and Event 360’s Jeff Shuck.  We’re also taking questions for our webinar: Five Questions about Turing Event Participants into Fundraisers.  Join us on February 22nd and we will answer your questions on how to convert more event participants into fundraisers.  Ever wonder which participants are more likely to fundraise than others, what strategies work for zero dollar participants vs. existing fundraisers or how you can best utilize incentives?  If so, tweet us @abraiterman or @Event360 and tell us your questions for turning participants into fundraisers.

Is tweeting not your cup of tea?  Post your comments below.