Your Big Chance to Recognize Your Best P2P Volunteer

As nonprofit staff, we’re committed to raising funds for our cause and we adore the events and peer-to-peer campaigns we work on. All the hours we spend pouring over acquisition data, obsessing over zip ties, and presiding over committee meetings is beyond worth it. Because doing good in this world matters to us.

But when we really think about what drives us to wake up every morning and do what we do, it always comes back to the people. Those who our missions serve, of course! But also the volunteers who shape the campaign experience. The non-athletes who take on tremendous physical challenges. The people who strive to be in the top fundraiser club year after year.

It’s humbling. As committed as we are to our causes, most of us are getting paid for the work we do. These folks aren’t. They’ve courageously raised their hand and made an organization’s mission their own.

We all have our favorite stories of the boy who asked for donations to the children’s hospital instead of birthday gifts. Or the grandmother who vowed to shave her head to fight cancer if she reached her fundraising goal. Or the high school teacher who rode his bike across the country in honor of his father who worked in a soup kitchen.

It’s not enough to ask if we could do our jobs without them. The more important question is: would we even want to?

Now’s your chance to let your peer-to-peer superstars know how much they mean to you and your organization. The Cash, Sweat & Tears Award, presented by the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum, honors the passion of your most extraordinary volunteers and fundraisers.

The winner will be honored at the 2016 Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference on February 24 in Orlando, Florida with a trophy and a cash contribution to your organization.

They go above and beyond for you and now you have the opportunity to do the same for them. Nominate your most deserving volunteers and fundraisers today! The deadline for submissions is December 18.