Social Media ROI and More at the Women Who Tech TeleSummit

There are two words we can’t escape these days. Social Media. While your nonprofit may have a presence on Twitter and a Facebook Fanpage, how are you using it? To promote your blog posts or press releases? Your action alerts and donation pitches? Are you even being social? Just because you tweet a blog post does not mean you’re being social, as Steve McLaughlin so eloquently said in his recent blog post Single Channel Communication is Dead. Being social is about being a part of a community and engaging in discussions with other people. In other words – it’s not just about you and your nonprofit priorities. It’s more about your supporters and how they want to engage with you.

If you’re like many nonprofit campaigners, you probably struggle with how you measure “socializing” on social networks. After all, nonprofits constantly face the pressure of showing funders, board members, and even their supporters that they are using resources effectively. What tools should you use to measure your effectiveness?

Check out the virtual Women Who Tech TeleSummit on September 15th where nonprofit campaigners like you will gather to learna about the impact social media is having on your nonprofit brand, mission, and bottom line. Beth Kanter, blogger and CEO of Zoetica Media, Cheryl Contee of Fission Strategy, and Lauren Vargas of Radiant6 will lead a panel that discusses the most important metrics nonprofits should be tracking, and the best tools to use to measure impact.

Once you’ve learned to set realistic metrics and benchmarks, you’ll want to know what tools can help you engage your supporters and grow your movement. Women Who Tech’s got you covered again. Check yourself into the panel on Apps and Tools to Energize Your Base with Amy Sample Ward of NetSquared, Shana Glickfield of the Beekeeper Group, and Jessica Bosanko of M+R Strategic Services.

The Women Who Tech TeleSummit all-star panelist line-up reads like a “who’s who” list of those at the forefront of social change and technological progress – among them: Mary Hodder, Technologist and Founder of, Beth Kanter of Zoetica Media, author Clay Shirky, Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder of BlogHer, Deanna Zandt, Technologist and Author, Michelle Murrain, Partner at Open Issue, Rashmi Sinha, Co-Founder of SlideShare, Connie Reece, Co-Founder of Social Media Club, Shireen Mitchell of Digital Sistas, Kaliya Hamlin, Founder of She’s Geeky, Genevieve Bell of Intel, Heather Harde, CEO of TechCrunch, Cathy Brooks of Social Media Hour, Irene Au of Google, Lynne D. Johnson of the Advertising Research Foundation, Tara Hunt, author of the Whuffie Factor and more.

Did I mention how nonprofit budget friendly it is? $20 gets you access to a full day of virtual panels that you can participate in via phone and web from 11AM to 6PM EDT.

After the TeleSummit, you’ll want to come on out and party with your techy friends at the Women Who Tech After Parties – (DC, NY, and San Fran). Don’t miss out!


September 15, 2010 from 11AM to 6PM EDT
After-parties 6:30 – 8:30PM in DC, NY, and San Francisco

Are you heading to the Woman Who Tech TeleSummit?